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The following correction was filed with the Nauvoo Lands & Records Office and is the official record.

RESEARCHER NOTE: Land in the Morley (Settlement) area was previously attributed to James McDonald #12695.  However, this was incorrect. James McDonald #12695 left Nauvoo in 1846 and died in 1850 while crossing the plains heading west with Mormon pioneers.  His wife's name is Sarah Ferguson.  There is no record found showing James McDonald #12695 owning property in Hancock County.  There was a second James McDonald living in Hancock County in the 1840's.  That James McDonald #12694 purchased land in the Morley area in 1846 (after Issac Morley had been forced out by mobs) and sold it in 1848.  His wife's name was Rebecca.  She was also listed on the title of the property.